Ep 276 Do I Have a Problem?

This episode helps you discover if YOU have a problem with alcohol.

Most people have an image in their minds about what someone with an alcohol problem looks like.

And for most of my clients they don't match that description.

Often people who want to cut back get pushback from their loved ones who don't understand why they are focusing on cutting back when 'they don't understand, you don't do anything bad, or nothing bad is happening from your drinking.'

Sometimes these external messages confuse our desire to cut back or quit.

You might then tell yourself, 'I work full-time, take care of the kids, take care of everything, surely I can have a couple glasses of wine at the end of the day!'

And then you dismiss your own truth.

This episode dives into this and helps you understand YOUR situation with alcohol better so you can remain clear on what you want and then can clearly communicate to others if you need to.

If you are struggling and haven't been able to make the changes you want on your own, please get help.

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You deserve to move past whatever issue you are having with alcohol.

The people who get help are more successful, don't wait any longer!

Ep 275 Navigating Skepticism: What to Do When Loved Ones Dismiss Your Desire to Cut Back:

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