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Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 030, Mom Overwhelm

Hi! How are you? This week I had MAJOR lessons in mom overwhelm. We had a couple weeks left in the summer and the kids didn’t have camps or babysitters. How many of you would be counting down the days until school starts? You find […]

Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 029, Alcoholic?

What’s up? So, many of you know that I don’t like labels when it comes to people who drink, don’t drink, over-drink. We are all just humans doing the best we can, right? I read something the other day that had my head spinning again. […]

Lessons on Self Coaching, Episode 028, Changing our thoughts versus changing the situation

Hello friends,

This episode I discuss how it is easier to change our thoughts to feel better than to change the situation that we are in. Enjoy!

Oh, here is the link for the 3 Steps to Reduce Your Desire To Over Drink video.

Have a great week,