I’m Angela Mascenik.
I coach women to stop over-drinking
and start living.

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My Story, Anything is Possible
Angela Mascenik Interview

My husband and I got married in a boutique winery in Sonoma, California! When I say it was part of my lifestyle, it was truly entrenched in what I did and how I identified myself. I LOVED wine.

But the desire and cravings for it increased over-time.

I would try to control my drinking such as committing to not drinking during the week.

From the outside, people always thought I was living the dream.

I had success, a beautiful family, a nice house, all of it.

I just felt like I didn’t have any control over how much or how often I drank.

Now, I have NO cravings and no desire for it. I learned how to stop over-drinking.

Without rules, and without saying I am quitting alcohol forever.

But, I know that you can still have fun, be interesting, go on epic adventures, and not want to drink so much.

I’ve done it myself.

And I’ve helped hundreds of women permanently stop over-drinking too.

Do you want to not want it?

Do you want to be comfortable and have fun in social situations and be able to take it or leave it, without feeling deprived or left out?

Do you want to wake up and feel good every day because you didn’t overdo it the night before?

If Yes! You're in the right place, start here!

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