Ep 275 Navigating Skepticism: What to Do When Loved Ones Dismiss Your Desire to Cut Back

This episode dives into what to do when someone you care about shares that they don’t think you need to cut back or wishes you wouldn’t cut back or dismisses your desire to quit or cut back.

Mostly, when people dismiss your desire to cut back it’s just because they don’t want to cut back.

They don’t want anything to change. So when you say you are going to do something differently, it often will make them look at their own habits around alcohol. And they might unconsciously feel a bit threatened about their own attachment to alcohol.

What really matters is that YOU acknowledge you want to cut back and that you do something about it.

And that it’s not black and white. Just because you don’t present like a down and out alcoholic doesn’t mean that your alcohol consumption isn’t a concern to you. 

If you think you drink too much and it’s been hard to cut back, it needs to be addressed. 

Don’t let someone else’s opinion deter your desire to cut back. You know if it’s too much and that is what matters.

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