Say YES to Drinking Less
with Angela Mascenik

Join Angela for a mini Stop Over-drinking course where you will complete the 3 days feeling much more ease around saying YES to drinking Less.
The best part of this mini program is the 3 days of live coaching [April 29th-May 1st] . You can come and get live, direct coaching by Angela on any issue you have with over-drinking. You won't want to miss! It concludes with a 90-minute live masterclass on Thursday, May 2nd.

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What Will You Get?

Live Coaching Calls + Masterclass

3 group coaching calls with me via Zoom that will be recorded and added (same day) to your personal online portal. And a live Masterclass on Thursday, May 2nd, bringing it all together.

Tutorial Videos

On-demand videos developed specifically for this 3-day program. Why we over-drink, how to work through urges with ease, handling social situations, and more.

Extended Access

By signing up for this course, you will have access to all of these online materials for 3 months via your online portal.

You will leave this event knowing exactly what you need to do next to stop over-drinking and start living!

For the price of a bottle of wine.. friends, this is a no brainer!
3 days of live coaching with an expert who's helped hundreds of women change their relationship with alcohol. The teaching aspect will be in easy to digest, short videos, and the live time together will be direct support on your specific issues with over-drinking.
Best $33 dollars you'll spend all year!

This doesn't have to be hard.
I've figured out a method that works for most women who know they can take a few days without alcohol without an issue. They just need some tools and support to overcome that 'wine witching hour' at the end of the day.

Here's the secret:
All you need to do is join me SIGN UP and then I am going to teach you doable strategies for how to keep going and stop over-drinking that goes beyond a few days off.

I'm holding this for people ready to get back to a healthier relationship with alcohol (whatever that looks like for you!).

"Wow! Best $ I’ve spent in a LONG time!
Learning that my thoughts do not have to be my reality, and that I now have the tools to change them... no more fear about my feeling that comes at the end of the workday that I NEED a glass of wine, and no more negative chatter in my brain. I thought I was over that in my life, but after reflecting, I am far from over that. I can’t wait to put this to work in my life."

~  SAY YES! Attendee 


Includes on-demand course, you get access to right away, then we will meet for live coaching on 8/21, 8/22 and 8/23 with a final live masterclass on 8/24. All live calls are recorded and uploaded into your own private member portal.

>>$25 Sign up NOW!<<
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Meet Angela.

Angela, the founder of the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living podcast and numerous stop over-drinking coaching programs for women, is dedicated to helping high-achieving women address the underlying reasons for over-drinking so they can make permanent changes in their relationship with alcohol -- while having FUN doing it!

Angela knows the pain of a life of over-drinking and overeating and through life coaching, she has dropped the weight permanently, quit drinking, and hasn't looked back.

When Angela isn't coaching other badass women to start living the life of their dreams she's drinking coffee, running, hanging out with her 3 crazy kids, reading all the latest self-help and business books, traveling, and enjoying her friends.

Follow me on social: @coachwithangelamascenik

"II am seeing that it is FUN to not drink and to see all of the things I can accomplish when I am fully present. I am not saying that I am quitting alcohol altogether, forever, but for today, I am wine/booze-free and finding it fun and am enjoying the extra energy I have. It's also fun to learn new strategies I can put into place to examine what is really going on in my mind. It took years to establish my relationship with alcohol and it won't be changed overnight, but it's fun and empowering to know that I have the power to change this relationship starting today and moving forward."
~ Attendee 
>>$25 Sign up NOW!<<