Walk & Talk with Angela

Ongoing - By Appointment

Join Angela on a powerful walking session where you can get private coaching and move your body. Coaching while moving is very powerful and can help you address issues that are keeping you stuck and you will leave the session feeling confident and know exactly what you need to do next to move towards accomplishing your goals. 

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Sober Retreats with Angela Mascenik

Dates TBA

Angela is planning more Sober Retreats, and she would love you to come! These include things like in-person coaching, City or nature exploration, and some amazing pampering. Be sure to get on the list so you hear about upcoming retreats!

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How to Drink Less When Your Partner/Friends Drink

On Demand

In this class- I teach you HOW to take the steps towards the relationship YOU WANT with alcohol, and how you can reach it without your partner or friends having to change.

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