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I've been right where you are...

 Over-drinking on repeat is actually traumatizing to our self-esteem, confidence and belief in ourselves. It steals our hope and belief that things can be different.

I want you to know I understand what it feels like to try things and for it to not work. 

 I was in that struggle for 20+ years, saying I wouldn't drink, then breaking the promise to myself over and over and over again, swearing I'd start again on Monday or next month or after this vacation or whatever.. and sometimes I would but it wouldn't last.

I remember the worst was when I came home from work one night (had swore I wasn't drinking that night) and grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass and locked myself in my room away from the kids and my husband. I didn't come out until I had properly numbed my racing mind and overwhelm. When I came out, the kids were already in bed and it was quiet.

It was then that I realized I didn't actually want to miss out on that, that alcohol was interrupting the kind of mother I wanted to be (among many other things it blocked me from doing). It wasn't long after that I finally got the support I needed in all aspects of my life and changed everything.

What I learned is that I had an over-desire for alcohol.

And just like me, the problem is not YOU, it's how we are programmed as humans and it's actually not even a problem, it's just our primitive wiring. We are wired to seek pleasure, avoid pain and save energy.

So when you drink when you want to feel something different, you train your brain to seek out alcohol again when you feel a familiar feeling. Over-time, this repeated behavior, becomes an engrained well worn pattern and it often feels like it's impossible to break.

But the good news, IT ISN'T!

You can learn how to use this primitive human operating system to your advantage and break the patterns you have with alcohol and create new well worn pathways that will last.

Another part of the problem is that our society has conditioned us to be ashamed of drinking too much and we don't seek out help or talk about it, so we are left to feel like we should be able to do this alone or unable to find programs or support that let's us explore our relationship with alcohol and only know of options that require you to swear off alcohol forever. So, we don't get the help we need and we continue suffering alone.

And lastly, often the biggest problem of all, is that we think we can't change.
We are often our own biggest obstacle to overcome. When you have tried what feels like a thousand things and haven't had much success, it makes sense that we think this way, BUT IT DOESN'T HELP. What does help is learning how to believe in ourselves and what is available for us in our future, instead of looking to our past for evidence of it working. 

'The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power. - Mary Pickford

Take it from someone (me) who changed 20+ years of repetitive behavior and loads of failures in trying to change, YOU CAN DO IT. 

All it takes is thinking it might be possible, finding the right support and container to let you explore your relationship with alcohol.  and then taking the next best action you can think of... NEED AN IDEA? Join Alive AF!

The support I decided to get was to join a life coaching program, of all things! I didn't even know what a life coach was at the time. But, it was so impactful and helped me so much, that I decided to become a life coach myself because I just knew that if I could figure this out, anyone could!

Fast forward, to over 5 years later, not only do I not drink at all and have no desire for alcohol, I have helped thousands of women change their relationship with alcohol, forever. They have better family lives now, improved relationships, career changes, retirements, new adventures and so much more. They have learned how to handle the challenges that come thier way without needing alcohol to get through it. They have figured out what kind of relationship they want to have with alcohol, on their terms, inside the safe, loving, and non-judgemental programs I offer. And you can too.


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What do I get?

Alive AF!  the brand new course, created, developed and taught by certified stop over-drinking coach, Angela Mascenik, that includes a series of on-demand teaching/coaching videos and worksheets that will help you create a small, doable goal, get into the right mindset, and into action to drink less right away. The course is available on demand, wherever you and your device go.

Community:  A private Facebook group, just for Alive AF! members.  You can ask for written coaching, share success, share obstacles, and connect with other women who are working towards the same goal; 'to improve their relationship with alcohol and to become more ALIVE!' (Facebook optional, and can post anonymously)



The 1st live call of the month

We will break down a certain topic (see list below) and work together to gain awareness about ourselves and see our patterns more clearly.


The 2nd live call of the month

A group call where you can volunteer for coaching or observe others get coached. It can be about the monthly focus or any other topic.

 Each month, we will cover a new topic with a workshop and application.

January - Creating a New Goal + Dry January support
February - Radical Self-Love
March - Uncovering and Changing your Alcohol Identity

April -  How to Say No to things that don't support your new identity/life/goals (Boundaries!)
May -  Uncovering our programming and choosing our own belief systems
June - Identifying Self-Sabotage and how to love yourself through it
July -  Creating Emotional Agency (how to be and process any feeling)
August - How to manage your mind to succeed at your goals
September - Learning how to be your own expert in your life
October - Relationships + Sober October Support
November - Trying New Things and learning how to have FUN w/o alcohol
December - How to Not Over-drink During the Holidays
*Recordings of live coaching calls will be available for 30-days, and recordings of workshops will be available in the membership portal for one year.

Monthly Investment: $97 + enrollment fee or limited time Annual Option


This monthly membership gets you 2 live calls per month, community access, unlimited written support, and access to the new Alive AF! self-guided course. 

*please review the refund policy and cancellation process in the FAQ's below.

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I am here to help you identify your patterns, understand that there is nothing wrong with you, and teach you how to tap into knowing what is best for you. Then, I'll help you make decisions based on what you have recently learned about yourself and then you  go out and try some new actions and through this process you will discover what is best for you and dramatically improve your relationship with alcohol.

The Experience

We will host and support fun challenges like Sober October, our Healthy Habits Challenge, my signature Wine-Free Workweeks and more. 

You will also be able to get written coaching support inside our online community (private Facebook group). You can post whenever you want and we will get back to you within regular business hours. You can connect and be in community with women who are all working on the same goals and experiencing similar life challenges. We will have loads of fun and drink a lot less.

I want this to feel super easy and doable for you. I want to create a space that encourages trying new things, and ultimate support and care when we fall down.

This group will lift you up, help you believe in yourself, and get back to going after your goals to stop over-drinking. 

By going through the ALIVE AF! process, you will start living, having fun, and doing exciting things without needing to over-drink.

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You get to decide what your relationship
with alcohol looks like!

This is NOT
a quit-drinking or moderation management program that will box you in with a one-size-fits-all mentality or approach. 

This IS
a program designed to help you figure out the perfect relationship with alcohol that works for YOU and the life you want!

How does it work?

When you join, you will get immediate access to the Alive AF! course, our call schedule, and our private Facebook community (with approval and verification). Then you can start right away with the course and start doing what the course is teaching you to do. Then, you will get an email 1x per month with the schedule and topics of our classes and calls. You will also get a 24-hour email reminder of our live calls and can submit in advance to get coaching during our group coaching call.
Every month, we have a new workshop topic and new opportunities to apply what I am teaching to your own life and to move towards your goals with how much you are drinking. 

I'm Ready!

+ Typical Results +

  • 80% reduction in alcohol consumption*
  • Weight loss
  • Better, restful, more consistent sleep
  • Improved relationships
  • More confidence
  • Attend social functions and the ability to take it or leave it
  • Ability to self-coach and solve any problem

    *these results are client-reported and found after 6-months of regular coaching, application, and doing the work inside the course.

You've got questions... I've got answers!