Ep 282 How to Protect Yourself From Over-drinking in the Future

Ep 282, How to Protect Yourself From Over-drinking in the Future

This episode I discuss the importance of doing what you can to protect yourself from over-drinking in the future.

You might be someone who has made great progress in stopping the over-drinking.

Now, you might be lacking on 'doing the work' that you did in the beginning to get where you are now.

This episode encourages you to invest in your self-care even when things are going well.

Stress and taking on too many things takes a toll on our well-being and if you aren't investing into yourself you can feel on the edge and if this goes on too long it can lead you to over-drink.

Over-drinking doesn't usually happen because of one event in one given day, it builds over time and this episode helps you understand how you can protect yourself from over-drinking in the future by taking care of yourself today.

Tune in and hear a recent example of how I worked through this in my own life and choose to say no to something that was going to be too much of a stretch for me.

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