Ep 273 How to Prioritize Yourself

I was scrolling through some of my favorite sober Instagram accounts the other day and came across a graphic that said  ‘5 ways to stop drinking.’ 

The first one was ‘prioritize yourself.’ 

I thought, yah, I know what that means but if you are reading a post on how to stop drinking, it’s likely YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. 

So, I thought, I’d explain if for y’all in this podcast episode. 

Often when we see, hear, or read these messages of advice, we think in big extremes. 

Ok, I gotta prioritize myself, and that means I have to say NO to everything, cancel all my plans and go hide for 3 months. 

And that is not something most people who want to stop over-drinking want to do, so then they don’t do anything and they continue on their path of over-drinking and staying stuck. 

In this episode, I describe the small nuances and decisions I make when I prioritize myself and my health and my life and how I want to feel in it. 

And the truth is, you do need to prioritize yourself when you are on this journey. It’s a requirement. Nobody is going to make sure your life has space in it for this work, that’s your job. And do you really want someone tracking you, asking you if you journaled, planned your food, drank your water, got good sleep every single day? Probably not. 

Of course, I can help you do that inside my coaching programs, but ultimately it’s on you to actually do it.

Listen to this episode and learn EASY ways you can make yourself a priority!

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