Ep 277 My Goal for May: Allowing My Discomfort With Other People's Discomfort

What does this even mean?

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable you get when you perceive other people feeling some sort of discomfort or negative feelings?

If you have noticed this and then tried to 'make everyone feel better' or 'try to diffuse' a situation so the peace gets kept or whatever it is, how does this work out for you?

Does it exhaust you, make you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or edgy? And then what do you do? Drink, eat, scroll, avoid, fight...or cause a bigger issue than what actually existed?

Well, I happen to have been aware of myself being really uncomfortable and tight and edgy and grippy when I perceive some else's discomfort in a whole bunch of situations.

And that sucks because when I feel that way, I immediately want to 'make it better' for them and that feels graspy and honestly it's a big energy suck AND it doesn't work.


So that's my work this month. And I invite you to come along with me and choose something that is a big discomfort for you.

Is it urges for alcohol, snacking at night or something else? What do you have a big discomfort over? The key to being more comfortable in this area is to ALLOW the initial discomfort you feel right now.
You have to be willing to go through it for it to feel better. That's the process.

This episode dives into how to do that and I share a little bit of what I am working on as an example.

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