Ep. 248, Go All The Damn Way

Have you ever wondered what kind of results you could get if you did more?

Or maybe you have noticed lately you are sort of half-ass doing the work to stop over-drinking. Well, this episode is for you!

This episode will light you up to consider GOING ALL THE WAY and do what it takes to repair your relationship with alcohol.

In this episode I share about a workshop I attended last weekend called Finish Strong and got coaching myself on my goals for the end of the year.

I had noticed I was just dibble dabbling into things instead of going all the way and doing them. And I know what I learned there is going to help you stop dibble dabbling and do the damn thing, already!

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Cancun and Coaching package:

https://www.angelamascenik.com/cancunretreat2023 **Registration closes 10/13/23** 

Alive AF! membership: www.angelamascenik.com/aliveaf

Wine Free Work-week: www.angelamascenik.com/wfww

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