Stop over-drinking coaching program and in-person, sober retreat with

Have you ever wished you could go on a trip or enjoy social situations and not over-drink and not feel like you were deprived or left out?

Have you been craving meeting like-minded women, where you can be 100% yourself and not worry what they are going to think about you not drinking?

Or are you in need of a reset, where you have alone time and do things 100% for you?

Do you want high touch support with changing your relationship with alcohol?

Well, then you must sign up for the small group, stop over-drinking coaching program that includes an in-person retreat, in Cancun, Mexico!

The 4-month program will give you all the things you need to make permanent changes with how much you drink. 

"I did Angela's program for a year and I completely changed my relationship with alcohol. I decided what I wanted that to look like, and for me, it wasn't to quit. I still to this day plan my drinks along with my food every single day. I cut my drinking from a bottle+ of wine per day to 2-4 glasses per week. I applied her coaching to food too and lost 18 pounds while in her program." - Diane

The stop over-drinking coaching program and in person retreat is customized to help you get to the exact relationship with alcohol that you WANT. 

The in-person retreat is a sober experience, but, you get to decide outside of that what kind of relationship with alcohol is best for you, and I'll be there every step of the way to support you.

Also you will have access to Alive AF! a stop over-drinking course that will help you make a goal, videos that teach you how to handle urges, navigating social situations, and what to do if you over-drink, along with a small community of women all working towards their own goals with alcohol, without judgement or labels.

In addition to course and community you will get PRIVATE coaching with Angela and small group coaching with 9 women who have signed up for this coaching and retreat package.

"I started with Angela in May of 2021, and since then my life has significantly changed, to say the least!! I was a daily drinker, (at least 2 or 3 cocktails/wine) and for the first six months cut my alcohol to ½ glass 3 times a week. This month, it will be a year, and I do not drink at all now! (totally my decision) I now get up early in the morning, never did that, am able to see how my thinking has influenced my life and relationships. These are just a few of the things that I am able to do as a result of finding this program:
I do not have to numb my feelings anymore, I can go to events without drinking, I am able to now grow my business, my relationships are way better, I get to fail at things and not judge myself, I am clear and trust myself, I can talk with, and be a part of some of the most amazing supportive women I have ever met!!
I used alcohol for almost 40 years of my life, so I will tell you…..this works!!!" member



  • Alive AF! access (monthly stop over-drinking membership) ($500 value)
  • Private Facebook with written coaching support for 9 women who attend/participate ($300 value)
  • Private Marco Polo Video/Voice access to Angela to get private tips/coaching in between session ($500 value)
  • Alive AF! subscription Box
    (support kit with book, journal, non-alcoholic drinks, and other treats to keep you focused on your goals to drink less $125 value
     Total Value= $1425


  • 3, private, 50-minute phone sessions with Angela (flexible times/dates) ($2,000 value)
  • 3, small group (9 women only) coaching sessions with Angela (weekend calls) ($1,500 value)
  • In-person sober retreat, Cancun, Mexico, 4 nights, 5 days, luxury, ocean front with balcony, private, king suite 12/4/23-12/8/23 ($4,000 value)
    • Includes, accommodations, all food, n/a drinks, 1 spa service, 1 off-site excursion, transportation to/from Cancun airport, on - site coaching with group and Angela, yoga, sunrise beach walks and more!

Total value of 4 month package= $8,925

Actual cost = $6,750, if paid in full.

All up-front

$6,750, due now*

>Pay in Full NOW<

2 payment option

$3,600/now, $3,600 in 30-days*

>Pay 1st payment now<

Have questions?

email us at [email protected]

>>Pay in Full Now $6,750<<
>>Pay 2 payments now<<
*No refunds, no cancellations, no quitting, no transfers.

We recommend you purchase travel insurance through a 3rd party.

Does not include airplane/travel to Cancun, you will be responsible for booking your own air travel to/from Cancun.

Arrive Monday December 4th (anytime, we will have a casual group dinner this night, but we are accommodating flexible arrival times), Depart Friday December 8th after 12:00 pm ET ( we will have a wrap up group session on Friday morning, it would be important to attend this before leaving, so try and book your flights for 12 pm or after that day.

This retreat is NON-REFUNDABLE, under no circumstances. Make sure you clear your calendar, and book your flights asap!

This is also a 100% sober retreat. No alcohol is to be consumed while you are here Monday-Friday.

You will have wanted to practice going this long BEFORE you come to this retreat. Set yourself up for success by practicing longer breaks and getting comfortable with this. You should also not consume alcohol in the airport the day of arrival or the day before you fly to Cancun.