Ep. 247, Evaluating Failure

When we decide to pursue any goal, we need to get good at failing. Any goal or project we pursue comes with setbacks, unexpected events, and a whole slew of obstacles.

But, somehow, we forget about that in the pursuit to stop over-drinking.

Failure is a part of the process.

But many of you are scared to fail, and that fear holds you back from pursuing what you want.

The thing about the fear of failure is that you already know what failure feels like. That's why you aren't motivated to seek it out again.

But failing doesn't have to be the mind-whipping we are used to.

You can learn how to fail better, pick up, keep going, and learn from your missteps. This is where your growth and learning comes from.

Also, letting the fear of failure hold you back doesn't feel good either.

And then we live with a dissatisfaction of where we are with drinking, and then we continue to numb out. So, friends, tune in, and let's dissect and evaluate failures, and then SAY YES to joining Alive AF! and to joining me in a small group coaching experience that includes a trip to Cancun in December!

Here is the link to the podcast I referred to in this podcast.

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