Ep 240 Only People Who Over-Drink Think This

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And hear what only people who over-drink think to themselves... sounds like 'If I don't drink, I'll worry, I'll be boring...'

People who don't drink, don't think that. People who only have a drink or 2 on very special occasions don't think that. In other words, only people who over-drink have these doubts or worries, and it's because of our minds. The conditioning that we have received in how to think about alcohol.

The alcohol industry wants us to think this way so that we keep drinking. Our families and friends want us to think this way so we don't change, so they don't feel like they will have to change.

It's conditioning, and you don't have to believe it.

We must tell ourselves what we want to think about changing our relationship with alcohol. And it's a lie that you will be boring.

Take it from me, I was hell-bent on NOT BEING BORING when I gave up alcohol. And I became even more adventurous and fun.

The real truth is over-drinking on the regular is actually really boring. We've done it over and over again; it's not new anymore; it's old and stale, BORING.

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