Ep 238 Post Vacation and Back to Normal Tips

We got home one day ago from a 6-week cross country and back road trip!

Please tune in and hear my personal highlights of that trip and some of our fun activities.

And how you can reacclimatize to 'normal' life that doesn't include extreme measures and restrictive dieting.

I discuss how focusing on ONE thing for the first 24 hours is super helpful and will keep your mind from spinning on what you didn't do or need to do now that you have returned.

Your mind will be triggered on the first day post-vacation, especially if you over-drank, overate, or don't exercise like usual.

This is 100% normal. And we really don't want to take action when our mind is in this place. We want to move slowly and be gentle with ourselves.

This podcast gives you two simple tactics that you can do that will help you ease back into 'normal life.'

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