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Have you ever wished you could go on a trip or enjoy social situations and not over-drink AND not feel like you were deprived or left out?

Have you been craving meeting like-minded women, where you can be 100% yourself and not worry what they are going to think about you not drinking?

Or are you in need of a reset, where you have alone time and do things 100% for you?

Do you want high touch support with changing your relationship with alcohol?

Well, then you must join me for one or all of my 2024 Sober Retreat and Coaching packages!

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Do you want to work with me privately?

I virtually work with a handful of private clients at a time. You can apply to work with me privately too. Private coaching INCLUDES the Alive AF! membership, unlimited voice/video support between sessions and more.

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Alive AF!  Support Kit


The Alive AF! support kit is your customized kit that is delivered directly to you, to help get you into action to stop over-drinking and start living. Each box includes a journal, self-awareness book, personal care item, a bougie non-alcoholic beverage, tea and more! All hand-selected and curated by ME! (MOSTLY, my favorite things).

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