Ep. 228, Why Being Positive Doesn't Work

This week I am discussing why 'just being positive' doesn't work.

When things are hard, and you or your loved ones are going through a rough time, and you have negative feelings about it, telling yourself, 'stay positive' or 'look on the bright side' doesn't work and can actually cause harm.

This is also called 'spiritual bypassing' 'toxic positivity,' or I call it 'steamrolling yourself.'

It's when you ignore how you actually feel, don't acknowledge it, and try to think positive thoughts about the situation.

It leads to over-drinking, avoiding, overeating, hiding, escaping through social media, and ultimately not doing what we want to do or preventing us from moving towards our goals.

So, this episode will help you acknowledge when you might be doing it and how to course correct that and allow yourself to feel the feelings you actually have.

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