Ep 226 Being Around People Who Over-Drink

This week's podcast is another one addressing your biggest obstacles in stopping over-drinking. 

  • I discuss how to handle it when your spouse/husband/partner has a regular drinking habit (it's not what you think!)
  • Addressing the range of feelings you have when you live with someone (p.s. NEGATIVE feelings are part of living with someone, learning how to be with those feelings instead of drinking is critical!)
  • How to handle your big social/family groups who over-drink

Remember, it's YOUR responsibility to change your relationship with alcohol. Making your outcomes dependent on what others say/do is not helpful and leaves you feeling POWERLESS, which is absolutely no fun.

It's, of course, helpful to have family and friends support you but don't make that a requirement and an adherence to them doing things the right way for you to be successful.

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