Ep. 224, Born To Be Alive


I’m baaack!

I just got back from getting my forest therapy certification, and I am so excited!

My goal is to teach as many people as possible to stop numbing out, start living again, and feel more ALIVE! And, this is another tool that I have to do so.

In this episode, I update you on what is going on with my Alive AF! Membership.

Registration at the founder’s rate will close at midnight on April 30th.

You are going to want to listen to this podcast closely because the rates are going to go up, and it is worth every penny (and more)!

Alive AF! Is the place that you want to be if you are really ready to change the relationship that you have with alcohol.

Just the other day I posted this question in the Alive AF! Private Facebook group, “So before Alive AF! how many drinks were you drinking per week and how many drinks are you drinking now?”

The answers blew me away! Wait until you hear the responses that I read here. Your mind will be blown away too!

I also explained a Bonus workshop I held in the group the other night. It was called “How To Stick to Your Planned Amount. This was my favorite class EVER, and the feedback from the members was awesome.

When you join, you will have access to the recording of this class.

I will also be adding more fun things to this membership as it moves along. Things that are not offered anywhere else! There will definitely be virtual forest bathing workshops, and I cannot wait.

Join Alive AF! here before I shut it down at this low rate:

I also want to remind you of my monthly subscription box. These self-care boxes contain items that I have hand picked myself, things that I love, that I know will support you in your journey of supporting yourself and drinking less.

Get yours here:

Oh, yeah, I am also doing a sober treat in Cancun, Mexico y’all. The support before, during and after this retreat will be epic and you don’t want to miss out.

Get the details here:


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