Ep 185 Say YES to Drinking Less Teaser

This episode is a sneak peak!

More is coming on Saying Yes to Drinking Less, tune in and hear about when you say YES to drinking less you say NO to things like hangovers, eating too much, bad sleep and more.

Also, I'm sharing all the details of my quick pop up class next week called Say YES to Drinking Less.

We come up with so many reasons to say no, and I want to make it as easy as possible to say YES.

One of those ways is a NO-BRAINER price of $25 for these 3 days of coaching calls and material. Another way... you'll have access to this personal online portal and all material for 6 months!

Do NOT miss this opportunity, because I will probably not offer this again, especially at this price.

Get the details for this course and sign up today!

I am now accepting applications to my coaching program, Stop Over-drinking and Start Living. It is a 6-month, small-group, women-only coaching program, and it is changing lives!
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