Ep. 177, Suffering and Unnecessary Suffering

We all need to learn how to suffer, really. 

We don’t know how to do this, so we make additional suffering for ourselves in how we deal with it. 

We drink, overeat, doom scroll, don’t move our bodies, keep stressing ourselves out with worst-case scenarios, complaining, overspending, avoiding, etc etc etc. 

We are suffering enough, we don’t need additional suffering with over-drinking. 

We know it doesn’t help, it will just create bigger problems for you to have to figure out down the road. 

Most of the women who work with me are in this over-drinking place because of using alcohol to ease their pain in some situation or another. 

And then the over-drinking causes more pain, regret, frustration shame, and disappointment in themselves. 

Tune in this week and learn how to NOT create unnecessary suffering.




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