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Stop Over-drinking and Start Living: The Conference
*A Live Course*

May 20th-22nd, 2022

Friday- 5:00pm-6:00pm ET
Saturday- 11:00am-2:00pm ET
Sunday- 11:00am-2:00pm ET

*Replays will be available same-day. (you don't need to attend live to get the full benefit of this course)

Price for The Conference: $149

What Will You Learn?

Saturday's live interactive workshop will teach you my signature stop over-drinking and start living principles.

You will identify your biggest obstacles in why you haven't stopped over-drinking (wherever you are with over-drinking such as weekend binges, weeknight wine, over-doing it in social situations, or all of the above)

I will help you create a customized, personal strategy to move your relationship with alcohol forward. We do this by learning how to tap into your own brilliant ideas and what will work for you in your specific situation.

You will leave this course with an actual strategy that you can follow to stop over-drinking AND you will get direct support in how to manage your mind and emotions to implement it.

And if you can’t attend live, don’t worry, this will be available as a ‘course’ for you to access on your own time.
So don’t hesitate to sign up if you can’t make it live!


You will learn the powerful impact of the thoughts you have about alcohol and how they are related to how much you drink.


Feelings are what drive us to drink. Learn and apply how to easily process urges and pause before reacting to intense emotions.


Drinking is an action we take. You will create YOUR action list of all the things you will do to end the over-drinking and you will learn how to take action with ease instead of force.

"Wow! Best $ I’ve spent in a LONG time!
Learning that my thoughts do not have to be my reality, and that I now have the tools to change them... no more fear about my feeling that comes at the end of the workday that I NEED a glass of wine, and no more negative chatter in my brain. I thought I was over that in my life, but after reflecting, I am far from over that. I can’t wait to put this to work in my life."

~Conference 2021 Attendee

The Conference Details

Workshops will teach you the core foundations in stopping over-drinking by understanding the Thoughts-Feelings-Action pattern.  You will learn how to identify your patterns and WHY you over-drink and you will understand how to break those patterns in an empowered and easy-to-understand way. You will be provided a workbook and everything you need to start to break those patterns.

Guest Panel:
Members of the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living coaching program will come and share how they apply this work and answer your questions!

Hot-Seat Coaching:
Direct coaching with Angela is the fastest way for you to get the awareness of why you over-drink and how to stop. You can apply to get coached by THE expert who has coached hundreds of successful, high-achieving, badass women to stop over-drinking.

We will have a special conference playlist, dance party breaks, and awesome prizes! We make stopping over-drinking fun! And you don't want to miss connecting with like-minded women all working together to stop over-drinking and start living.

You will be entered to win fun prizes by registering and interacting in The Conference LIVE or while watching the replays that will be sent out shortly after the sessions. 

"I'm not really sure how to put into words what my takeaway was from the weekend, but I’ll try. All of the information was so helpful. I feel like I have something empowering to help me on this journey that I've been struggling so much with, for so long. I guess the biggest thing for me was that I felt cared for by you, Angela. Your passion for helping people, your sweet demeanor, your sincerity, and your joy in living are touching and contagious! It feels like someone has my back, someone cares, without judgement or impatience, just pure love. I felt a part of an amazing group of women and I am hungry for more. I am so thankful to have this knowledge and connection to you all."
~Conference 2021 Attendee

Meet Angela.

Angela, the founder of the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living podcast and numerous stop over-drinking coaching programs for women, is dedicated to helping high-achieving women address the underlying reasons for over-drinking so they can make permanent changes in their relationship with alcohol -- while having FUN doing it!

Angela knows the pain of a life of over-drinking and overeating and through life coaching, she has dropped the weight permanently, quit drinking, and hasn't looked back.

When Angela isn't coaching other badass women to start living the life of their dreams she's drinking coffee, running, hanging out with her 3 crazy kids, reading all the latest self-help and business books, traveling, and enjoying her friends.

Follow me on social: @coachwithangelamascenik


Where is The Conference?
SODSL The Conference will be help ONLINE via Zoom. All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (NYC). After you register, you will be emailed the links, details, and materials. Think of this like an online course that is taught live. The goal is to learn how to stop over-drinking (how ever you define that) and to leave the course feeling empowered that you have everything you need to make big changes with your relationship with alcohol. You’ll have access to the course inside a private membership portal for as long as the course exists. You can even attend some of the session live and some on replay, it’s completely flexible to YOU!

Refunds/Cancellations/Transfers of Tickets:
100% no refunds, cancellations, or transfers of tickets for any reason. The entire conference will be recorded and emailed to you throughout the weekend. Even if you can't make it live, you can watch and do the conference on your own time.

We take your privacy seriously. All attendees will need to have access to Zoom, but you will have the option to sign in anonymously and to turn your camera off if you choose. You can still interact, ask questions, and attend in 100% privacy. Participants who apply for Hot Seat Coaching will need to have their cameras on in order to participate. Each session will be recorded and sent to registrants, so please keep that in mind when deciding what level of privacy you want.

**What is Hot Seat Coaching?
Hot Seat Coaching is an opportunity to get a concentrated coaching session on one topic. Think speed dating... but coaching. This format will be super valuable as you will get an opportunity to get expert-level coaching and observe others getting coached. This is not private coaching - it is done inside the conference and is observed by attendees who are live or watching the recording. 
It is also by application-only for registrants of the conference. Not all registrants are guaranteed hot seat coaching. Attendees are able to observe the chosen participants and can apply coaching to their own situation. Details on how to apply for hot seat coaching will be provided to all registrants closer to the event.

Who is The Conference for?
SODSL: The Conference is for womxn who would like to cut back on how much they are drinking. You should be able to take a day or two off of drinking without any issues (withdrawals). You are someone who is high-functioning, capable, has a multi-faceted life, and has simply struggled to make permanent changes in your relationship with alcohol. You wouldn't call. yourself an alcoholic and you want to explore what a healthy relationship with alcohol looks like (wether you want to quit or just cut back).

More questions?
Email us at [email protected], we are here to help!