Over-drinking is the SYMPTOM not the problem

Feb 23, 2023

I’m Angela Mascenik. And I have a lot of titles (mom, wife, friend, entrepreneur, podcaster, rescue pup mom, runner, traveler, coffee drinker,) .. but the most important one to you is, certified stop over-drinking coach.

I found this line of work through my own struggles to stop over-drinking. To me it’s more than a career, it’s a calling, a passion, a ‘I can’t not do it’ intrinsic drive to help as many women as I possibly can to live a life where they aren’t held down by the chains of an over-drinking problem.

And the longer I do this work and the more women I coach, what I see is that it’s not the alcohol that is the actual problem…..

…it’s the system in which our society places women and all the things that we are in charge of or expected to do.

And somewhere along the way, we forget that WE HAVE A CHOICE on what we want to do in our lives.

We actually don’t have to do it all.

We don’t have to please everyone.

We don’t have to look a certain way.

We don’t have to be the life of the party to be liked and accepted.

We don’t have to be perfect moms, creating the perfect well-balanced kids.

So, what I know now is that alcohol and over-drinking is a SYMPTOM of the problem.

Of course, alcohol is an addictive substance and when you use it to manage how you feel about all your roles and duties or to have more fun or to escape or relax, it will become a problem that feels hard to change, but the good news is that you can by getting the right support and by addressing some of the things I have highlighted above.

What we need to do is get to know ourselves, what is it that we really want to do in our lives?

Before I stopped over-drinking, I started noticing that I thought my life looked like ground hogs day.

I’d wake up (tired, dehydrated, and angry from over-drinking), then rush to get ready, get the kids ready, attempt to exercise if I could, rush to work, be over-working, trying to please everyone and prove my value, then think I needed a drink, would often stop off and have a glass of wine or 2, then come home and do the whole evening routine, stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated and anxiously getting the kids to bed so I could ‘relax’ of course with more wine, and likely popcorn and Netflix.

Then, I’d get to bed only to wake up and experience it all over again.

I started looking and examining my life and thought ‘there has to be a better way.’ There has to be a way to do life that isn’t this American hustle that everyone is playing into.

So, I actually started researching ‘how to live an alternative lifestyle’ and ‘how to not live the American dream’ literally, that’s what I googled.

I found out that you could change everything if you wanted to and got inspired by some stories of people simplifying their lives, quitting their jobs, starting their own business and living life on their terms.

So, that’s what I did. I started a lifestyle blog and ended up quitting my 9-5 advertising job and taking the time to figure out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to live. I was sick of just subscribing to the way society was telling me how to do it.

And that led me to life coaching. I then discovered that the way I was thinking about my life, about other people and how they should be or not be was causing me the biggest grief of all and all the anxiety I was having.

Then, I started changing the way I was thinking and stopped people pleasing and learned how to have agency of my feelings and learned how to be uncomfortable and that all my feelings were normal and they weren’t problems.

And that’s when I dug into my relationship with alcohol. I was using alcohol as really the only source of pleasure in my life. I was an over-doing, people pleasing, high strung, high achieving mess who had to have everything perfect or my anxiety would go through the roof and I would need drinks to calm me down.

I didn’t know how to treat myself with healthy things or to ensure I gave myself plenty of down time and alone time. I didn’t know how to say no. I didn’t know how to take good care of myself with everything I had going on in my life.

But life coaching helped me learn how to do all that. And it completely changed my life and so I don’t drink anymore at all, because literally I have no need for it. I don’t like it, I don’t need to escape or get a high dose of pleasure from something outside of myself anymore and I swear to god, it’s the most freeing thing I have ever done.

And now, my life is EXACTLY how I want it to be. I’m doing the work I want, I have the best relationships I could have ever dreamed of, I am healthy in my mind and body, I go on epic adventures all over the world and trying new things, I am free.

And all of this is possible for you too.

I’m a life coach who helps you stop over-drinking and learn how to be more ALIVE.

AND I think you should join my new program, Alive AF!  so you can learn how to do this too.

Yes, I’m gonna help you stop over-drinking and have the relationship you want with alcohol, but we are going to do more of the other stuff.

I’m going to help you find your ALIVE life and help you set boundaries, learn how to feel all those feelings, how to take good care of yourself and more.

And it’s gonna be fun, because I don’t do hard and boring. I want this program to feel easy and doable and for you to get some confidence back and to remember who the F you are!

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Don’t miss your life, friend!

I believe in you, I believe in coaching, I believe that you can have a more fun, colorful and vibrant life without over-drinking, let me help you.

Angela Mascenik
Host and Creator of the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living Podcast

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