Ep 281 Addiction and Mental Health with Dr. Noell Rowan

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Noell L. Rowan to the podcast.

Noell Rowan, Ph.D., LCSW, LCAS, CCS, ACSW is a clinician with more than three decades of experience in the field of social work. She has practiced in hospital, community, and private practice settings in Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, and provides clinical supervision for MSW students in North Carolina.

After practicing for more than a decade, she returned to further her education and earned a Ph.D. in social work and has since authored more than 40 publications and participated on many teams of grants to expand her ability to focus on wellness in the areas of mental health, addictions, and spirituality.

She has served in several university leadership roles building social work degree programs, was recruited to UNCW School of Social Work to join their leadership team and has resided on the beautiful coast of North Carolina since 2013.

She teaches graduate students about practice skills, oversees the graduate addictions certification program, and enjoys making meaningful connections with people and fostering growth toward the highest potential.

Noell considers it a high honor to work with people on their life journey, and seeks to collaborate and honor each person's path and way of viewing the world to navigate their concerns, process thoughts and feelings and recognize their strengths and solutions along the way.

Dr. Rowan and I discuss mental health and the importance of asking for help if you notice specific signs of struggling, including over-drinking.

She also discusses her research around alcohol addiction in the LGBTQ population, specifically what works for people to remain alcohol free for the long term.

She gives easy, practical tips on how to improve your mental health that anyone can try on their own.

We also discuss the importance of developing a relationship with nature and that there is no shame in seeking help.

I hope you enjoy this special episode as much as I did recording it!

Thank you Dr. Rowan for coming on.
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