Ep 280 Mental Health Awareness Month with Kim Jeffs

This is a special conversation I had with Kim Jeffs, Founder, Executive & Somatic Coach of Soma and Soul and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counseling Supervisor.

From Kim: ‘I'm licensed as a mental health counseling supervisor in the State of NC. Additionally, I'm a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, focused on high-stress physiology. Over two decades, I've explored the connection between the mind and body, obtaining various certifications that enrich my practice. This continuous learning has allowed me to help individuals tap into their potential, both professionally and personally.

Despite my professional journey, it's essential to remember that, like everyone, I am human. I understand life's challenges and the importance of connection. I believe that we navigate life more effectively when we're connected and supportive of one another. This philosophy drives me, ensuring that Soma & Soul isn't just a business but a place of genuine support and transformation.’

Kim and I dive into mental health and bring awareness in how to identify if you are struggling with mental health.

She also discusses Somatics, which is our bodies, and how our bodies can let us know if we need help processing our feelings/emotions.

We also discuss the symptom of over-doing anything that isn’t good for us like over-drinking, over-working, over-eating etc.

We highlight the need to get mental health support and that everyone struggles at some point or even regularly in their lives.

There is no shame in getting help and just because you think you ‘should be happy’ because of your life circumstances, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to find out why you aren’t feeling or living the way you want or think you could.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and it helps you recognize if you need additional support.

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