Ep 279 Assumptions

My husband and I went to NYC for the weekend and a theme emerged, ASSUMPTIONS.

So many assumptions happened for both of us and one involving a complete stranger.

Our mind likes to make assumptions to save us energy and time. An assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.

Tune in and hear 3 completely different stories on assumptions, from brunch to a phone charger to a stranger yelling at us in Central Park.

What assumptions are you making about other people that are HURTING YOU?

Like, 'they are excluding me.'

What assumptions are you making about alcohol that isn't serving you? Like 'if I don't drink, it will be boring.'

Assumptions can help you or hurt you.

If you find out you were wrong for assuming something, can you learn from this, let it go, or laugh instead of getting angry or blaming your assumption on someone else?

I'd love to hear what assumptions you make that you have found out aren't true.

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