Ep 271 Do I Say Something if I'm Worried about Someone's Drinking?

This is another question I received and wanted to dive into this specifically. 

This can feel like a dilemma. You notice someone you care about over-drinking. Maybe they are stumbling at the end of a night out. Maybe they can't drive to pick up their kids, maybe they get really sad or cry after a night out.... and it's not just a one time incident. You notice this frequently. 

Do you say something?

 Do you not? 

Is it your place? 

Will you be able to change them? 

Tune in and I address this very specific question. 

If you know someone who over-drinks it can be hard to be in a relationship with them. 

There is help for them and you. 

One thing you can do is share my podcast on your socials and emails. 

It's a great way to say help without coming right out and saying, 'You need to listen to this podcast.' 

Ala-non is a great resource for family members of someone who struggles with alcohol abuse.

Tune in and join Alive AF!

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