Ep 267 What to do if Someone You Care About Over-Drinks

What do you want to hear on the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living podcast? 

Today, I'm answering this question: 

How can you positively influence someone you care about who is over drinking such that it is negatively impacting not only your relationship with them, but many areas of their life and how they show up? How to support and inspire positive changes? 

Tune in and hear the answer! Also, will you share my podcast?

Chances are you know a lot of people that struggle with alcohol. 

Most people who over-drink don't openly share their struggle with family and friends because they don't want to be judged. So, it's helpful, that if you know of a resource to help people with it, to just share it, you never know whose life you might help. 

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Just because you share it doesn't mean that you will 'associated' with having a drinking problem. Do the world a favor, share the help!

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Stop Over-drinking and Start Living, Episode 131, Group Discussion: Spouses/Partners Who Drink:

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