Ep 263 You Might Not Think You Can be Like Me

I recognize that being like me might seem ‘impossible’ to you. 

It might also seem impossible to you that your  life could look like mine, full of big adventures, travel, successful business, amazing relationships, good health and alcohol free. 

I want you to know that I get it. 

Before I quit drinking and found life changing tools to help shift my perspective on what is possible, I wouldn’t have believed my life was attainable for me either, I literally thought my life was for certain people, but not people like me. 

This episode will share some insights to my past and history that might make you understand a bit more, that I was just like you, probably in more ways than you realize. 

The one key thing that I realized I do and have done throughout my life is CHANGE THINGS if what I’m doing isn’t working or feeling good for me. 

Critical decisions and life altering moves have come from my awareness to what I want in my life vs what I was doing and taking risks and making moves to change it. 

I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to MAKE A MOVE!

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