Ep 260 Preparations

Happy 2024!

What kinds of things do you make preparations for?

Vacations? Like, do you look at the weather to where you are going and make sure you have clothes and shoes you want to wear? Do you research some top attractions, check out some restaurants or hikes or tours and make plans?

What about your work? If you have a project due at a certain time, are you thinking about everything you need to get it done in advance? Enlisting team members, delegating things, ordering supplies, etc?

What about your morning coffee? Do you always make sure you have all the ingredients for it. At what length do you go to ensure it’s the same every single day?

I started thinking about preparations a lot recently when I was preparing for 2 long haul flights (10 hours each, with a 2 hour layover!) that I needed to take to get to Vietnam for a retreat.

Tune in to this week's podcast and learn how you can make preparations to be someone who doesn't over-drink and hear all the prep I did to be comfortable on my flight to Vietnam!

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