Ep. 241, Discomfort Now or Later?

This episode explores that we are trading off discomfort tomorrow for comfort today when we choose to drink off plan.

And that the discomfort is not equal.

The discomfort you will feel tomorrow is a lot bigger than the discomfort you will feel today.

If you say yes to a drink today and it's not planned, you will have a little bit of comfort in that you won't have to work through your urges or feelings in that moment.

But tomorrow's discomfort can last a long time, all day or many days and ultimately years, because we are dissatisfied with not honoring the commitment we made with ourselves and the constant breaking of our trust in our own word.

Tune in and hear how I suggest working through those in-the-moment urges we get to drink or when our mind suggests we do, and it's not planned for.

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