Ep 230 Unveiling the Benefits of Mindful Drinking

I know what it’s like to be stuck and over-drinking and not believing in myself and feeling overwhelmed and anxious and often resentful AND using alcohol for all the good times too.

However, I also know what it's like to come out of that situation and let me tell you, it's absolutely worth the effort. It may take some time and uncomfortable moments as you face your urges, but trust me, being free from the constant desire to drink is truly rewarding.

I wish someone had told me that it wasn't as hard to drink less as it seems. I wish someone had told me all the benefits of cutting back I didn't know about because it might have helped me take control of my life even one day sooner.

In today's new podcast episode, Unveiling the Benefits of Mindful Drinking, I'm breaking down...

1. The immediate benefits of drinking less
2. What over-drinking is really costing you
3. What your first 30 days of drinking less will be like (it's not as miserable as you imagine)

I hope it inspires you to make a decision to stop over-drinking and start living your best life.


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