Ep. 227, Intuition Around Alcohol

Welcome back to the podcast! This week I explore tapping into your intuition and what you already know to be true about you and your relationship with alcohol.

I recommend you have a notebook/journal and give yourself some quiet space to listen to this podcast.

I take you through a process of quieting your mind and connecting with your breath and body so that you can be quiet and distraction-free while you learn how to connect with your intuition.

We all have experienced something in our lives that felt like 'I knew that would happen!' 'Or I had a bad feeling about that and ignored it.'

That was our intuition, and we all have it; we are born with it. Evaluating your relationship with alcohol and using your intuition to guide what you do will help you achieve your goals with alcohol much faster.

So, don't just skip past this episode and think this is some hippie shit, lol; it's actually real human science, and I want you to try it.

Enjoy, and I'd love to hear from you if you do and what came up!

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