Ep. 218, Difficult Emotions and Moving On

In this episode, I explore how we might always have painful emotions from something that happened to us in our past. 

The goal isn't to 'get rid of' or 'move on' past these feelings. 

The goal should be to accept them, validate them, and learn how to be with them when they come up. 

When we have thoughts like 'I wish I didn't keep feeling this way' or 'I want to forget about all that and move on,' it doesn't help, and it invalidates our experience.

What we actually need is to acknowledge, pause and validate our feeling and learn how to be with them no matter how long ago the thing happened. 

This is actually how we can 'move on' easier and how we can be with these feelings and not let them interrupt our day to day lives or cause us to drink. 

In this podcast, I dive into how to do this, which is actually a form of self-love. 

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