Ep. 206, Play this FIRST, Your questions Answered

Listen to this podcast FIRST! If you are new and just tuning in, this episode is a GREAT one to kick off this podcast series.

I've coached hundreds of women to stop over-drinking and I have collected some amazing questions that my listeners and followers have, and created a special class, teaching you how to stop over-drinking and answering these questions.

In this episode I answer these questions:
(I also share how you can join me in Stop Over-drinking and Start Living, my 6-month coaching program. Enrollment is open now, but CLOSING 12/31/22, check it out at www.angelamascenik.com/joinsodsl.)
- How to handle holiday stress without alcohol.
- Once you identify feelings how do you change your thoughts around the feelings?
- How to stop drinking after your planned amount.
- How to change your story around alcohol.
- How to change negative thoughts while being true to yourself and your feelings.
- How do you believe in yourself enough so you can write down a drink plan and feel optimistic that you can stick to it?

You want to grab a notebook or journal and take notes. I hope this helps you drink less and have more fun during the holidays!

Also, if you want to 'watch' this podcast you can, by watching the replay of the class at www.angelamascenik.com
xo, Angela


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