Ep. 205, Your Alcohol Identity

I got a really good question recently 'How to change your story around alcohol. It's hard to change your drinking while still currently romanticizing the idea of drinking, especially around holiday events.'

So, this episode helps you recognize and bring awareness to the identity you have with alcohol.

I had a wine identity. 'I'm into wine,' is what I would say, and that identity played out, literally, into every aspect of my life. At work, at home, in my relationships, on vacations, and in all the social situations.

Changing your alcohol identity starts with identifying the identity you already have, with love, not judgement.

Then, deciding what aspects of the the identity you like... like being fun, dancing, celebrating things, etc.

And then changing your identity around alcohol is going out and doing the things you enjoy and with your identity that doesn't include alcohol.

An example is being fun and engaging; you go out and be fun and engaging without drinking.

Or you dance without drinking.

You don't need alcohol to do these things, we have just wrapped up our identity into thinking we do.

Tune in as I get into specifics about how to do this.

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