Ep. 203, Enjoying the Holidays without Over-drinking

Must listen to this podcast ASAP!

A lot of the time we over-drink during the holidays because we feel overwhelmed, angry, and resentful that we have to 'do all the things.'

This podcast will help you clearly see what YOU ACTUALLY WANT to do and what you have on your list and help you determine if you enjoy doing these things or not.

I also help you understand WHY you keep things on your list that you don't want to do and give you some recommendations on how you can make little changes that will help you enjoy the holidays more and drink less.

Also, I'm doing a fun pop up Facebook group called How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Over-drinking, you can join it right now, by clicking this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/howtoenjoytheholidayswithoutoverdrinking

Or just go into Facebook groups and search by the group name.
I'll be popping in everyday to support you for the next week or so on drinking less and enjoying the holidays MORE! YES it can be done, promise!

Also, NOW is the best time to join the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living Coaching program, click here [https://www.angelamascenik.com/joinsodsl], watch the videos and apply!


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