Ep. 201, Investing and Believing in Yourself

A lot of you will dutifully hand over thousands of dollars a month to the stock market because you believe you are investing into your future, that you are saving money for a future gain. That gain doesn’t exist yet, but you believe it will.

Many of you invest in vacations that you hope to take in the future. A promise of relaxation, adventure, fun, and memories with your family and friends. Again, something that hasn’t happened yet, but you believe it will happen and be awesome.

You invest in your kids' future, by paying or saving for college. You believe this will provide them a better future and helps you feel more secure about their future. Hasn’t happened yet, but you believe that this investment will be worth it.

We also make daily investments to maintain our current lifestyle, like getting our hair and nails done, shopping for clothes, skin treatments, massages, and gym memberships.

The other daily investment you might be making is to maintain your over-drinking habit.

You invest your time and money to support your current relationship with alcohol.

You believe that alcohol will give you something NOW. That something might be relaxation, fun, to shut off your mind, or to keep boredom away.

When you buy alcohol and invest into your relationship with it, you aren’t thinking about the future, like your other investments, you are investing to get a quick and easy return on feeling better or to amplify more fun experiences.

Your other investments, well, you are willing to wait, long term. You are willing to have ups and downs and dips and stalls because you know that long term it will work out, as long as you stay the course and let time take care of things.

What if instead of investing to maintain your relationship with alcohol, you invest in your future relationship with it?

Listen to this powerful episode and decide if you want to continue investing in your current result you have with over-drinking OR if you are ready to invest in a NEW result.

I ALSO discuss how powerful your beliefs play into what you choose to invest your time and money into, DON'T MISS.

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