Ep. 200, Celebrating 200 Episodes of the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living Podcast!


Almost 4 years of weekly podcasting, every week, delivered without fail. 

I'm proud of ME! I'm proud of YOU! I'm proud of this podcast and how far it goes and how many people it reaches in all corners of the earth. 

I had Michelle Barry Franco, a speaking and thought leadership expert INTERVIEW me about the podcast, how it helps ME, how I keep showing up consistently week after week, and she reads some of the stories YOU shared about how the podcast has helped you drink less and start LIVING! 

GRAB some tissues and nice cuppa tea or fire up those sneakers and get outside for a nice long walk. You are gonna want to pay attention to this one friends. 

The whole theme is CELEBRATION, take this time to celebrate you, celebrate that you are still here, listening, learning, and applying all the things to help you drink less and live more. 

THANK YOU to all your contributions, emails, comments and posts about the podcast, I am overwhelmed at the response I received from all of you. It moved me to tears, more than once. I love you all so much and believe in you. 

I hope this episode gives you a moment to acknowledge where you are and how far you've come, not matter where you are in this journey. 

AND, I want to work with you.
Click here: www.angelamascenik.com/joinsodsl, watch the videos about the 6-month stop over-drinking program and get your applications in today! Your life is waiting to be explored! 

And you can learn more about Michelle at www.MichelleBarryFranco.com - thanks for this gift Michelle!


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