Ep. 195, How to Celebrate Yourself

Our society tells us we shouldn't brag. It's not lady like or proper to highlight yourself and your accomplishments. But why? Who came up with that rule? And regardless of why our society believes that, do you want to keep following it? 

In this episode I share the benefits of celebrating yourself and you wins no matter how small or insignificant you might think they are. 

Going out to dinner and not drinking is worthy of a gold medal. 

Going on a vacation and not drinking everyday or over-drinking is worthy of a plaque with your name on it! 

We need to slow down and acknowledge the amazing work and progress we are doing towards our goals. 

And when we do that, we will create more wins. 

What you focus on you create more of. 

If you are focusing on only what isn't working or what you aren't doing, you will create more of the same. 

Try focusing on what you are doing well and see how that amplifies the results you want! 

Tune in and grab a notebook for this episode!


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