Ep. 188, Knowing What to Do + Not Doing It

I don't know how many times I've heard this. 

'I know what to do, but I'm not doing it.'

Well, beautiful friends, I hope that this episode helps you understand why this might happen. 

We are all very smart and capable and successful in so many area of our lives but sometimes we really struggle to move the needle on permanently changing our relationship with alcohol and/or food. 

I've been exploring my relationship with food a bit more especially on specific foods I tend to over-eat, like pizza and chocolate chip cookies. 

And during this episode, I take you through an exercise that helps you understand on an unconscious emotional level why you might be so attached to alcohol or your favorite foods. 

As, I've taught you before 'it's not about the alcohol' it's about WHY you are using it.

This episode explores that a bit deeper. 

Enjoy and I'd love to hear your big ah-ha's after listening!


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