Ep. 170, What Else Could be True?

'What else can be true?' is a great question to ask yourself when you notice you are over-thinking, ruminating, spinning out, and notice you might be thinking about one thing for a long time.

I ask my clients this question all the time, especially when they present to me with thoughts like ‘I feel like I’m slipping back’ or ‘I haven’t progressed as much as I had wanted to.’

When we look at these types of thoughts and beliefs, we need to pull them out of our heads and look at what else is going on.

Our brains are really great little computers. If we instruct them to go look at all the intricacies and details of a specific problem, it will. BUT, we need to give it good directions.

If we tell it to focus on all the things that are wrong, it will for sure do that and it prefers this way of thinking because of it’s primitive programming. It wants to find problems because that is how we have survived as a species. It’s programmed to look at the danger, the bad, the problems, what we don’t have.. So that we stay safe and away from harm.

But it also can be managed and is super capable of finding out the whole truth and solving problems. We just need to know the right way to direct it.

Tune in and hear what happens when you pause and learn how to ask yourself, ‘What Else Could be True?’

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