Ep. 169, Recognizing Addiction

In this week's episode I explore addiction. Not just with consuming alcohol or food but other unhealthy behaviors too. 

The definition of addiction: a compulsive, chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity having harmful physical, psychological, or social effects and typically causing well-defined symptoms (such as anxiety, irritability, tremors, or nausea) upon withdrawal or abstinence : the state of being addicted. 

I actually really like this definition because it helps you measure in terms of symptoms, like irritability and anxiety. 

So many over-drinking women have high levels of anxiety. 

And when they start to cut back on their drinking or take breaks from drinking their anxiety resides. 

The anxiety doesn’t kick in when they are drinking, it kicks in when they aren’t, so the relief from the anxiety is what draws us to drinking more, which creates a viscous needy cycle of needing alcohol to take the edge off but the 'after drinking' is what is causing the edge in the first place. Also how excess  drinking creates more negative thinking an excess drama in our brains surrounding regular everyday circumstances. 

You don't want to miss. If you over-drink this is a must listen!


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