Ep. 167, Building Something New

This podcast is GOLD! I recently built a shelf (and I'm someone who does NOT build things). I discovered that learning how to build a shelf is the exact same process that I took to stop over-drinking.

Here are the steps that I explain in this week's podcast: 
1st step -  Deciding you want something {like to not over-drink}.
2nd step - Recognize and be aware of your current beliefs about alcohol
3rd step -  Decide you are willing to try (keeping the end result vague)
4th step -  Put it out there that you want support or what your intentions are (asking the universe, friends, speaking it out-loud in the trees, whatever)
5th step -  Do it. Go without drinking one time or just having ‘a’ drink.
  >while you are doing this, tell yourself how amazing you are, that it’s working, and that it’s happening
6th step - Make a mistake, learn what went wrong, and make adjustments
  >while you are in learning mode, tell yourself, you are figuring this out, oh this makes sense, oh, I can do this next time.
7th step - do it again. Go forth without drinking/drinking less. Repeat as many times as possible. 

You don't want to miss this one! 

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