Ep. 166, How to Human

Right now, I help women solve one main problem, over-drinking.

BUT, if you are in my program or have listened to this podcast long enough, you know, it’s not all about drinking.

It’s about life and how we are handling it; from our relationships to what happened in our past, our professional life, and family life.

Drinking is behavior that happens in response to how we feel - or don’t want to feel - or want to feel more of.

This behavior can turn into a habit and can be hard to un-do without learning some new skills.

The skills that I teach you are really as basic as learning how to be a human in all of our experiences.

This means learning how to feel and process our emotions, how to look at how we think and get awareness of how our thoughts create our feelings and turn drive our actions or behavior.

Drinking, over-eating, scrolling, over-working, over-spending, and doing drugs interrupts us being our full human selves. It prevents us from living the beautiful full spectrum of being a highly optimized human.

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