Ep. 165, Interview with Janet Whalen, Sleep Coach for Mid-life Women

You must tune in this week and learn how you can sleep better WHILE you cut back on your drinking. 

Some of the biggest fears you share is that you need your wine to sleep at night.

And if you cut back or take a break, how are you going to sleep? 

Well, Janet Whalen, sleep expert and coach, is here to tell you! 

We cover:  
Societal messaging around sleep issues. 
How it’s a 24-hour problem and not a night time problem. 
And how your thinking plays the biggest role in insomnia. 

Don’t Miss! 

You can find out more about Janet's program 'Permission to Sleep' by going to:
janetwhalen.com or janetwhalen.com/sleep to download her worksheet to help calm your racing minds at bedtime.

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