Ep. 164, Improving Your Relationships Begins with Improving You

During Valentines Day, I was reviewing my relationships in my life; friends, kids, husband, colleagues, clients, in-laws, neighbors, the public, relationships in public-service, people driving, clerks at the store, people selling me a car, or people just walking outside.

I used to let all these relationships cause so much angst in my life, and maybe if I was lucky, I might notice that occasionally I enjoyed these relationships.

But more often that not, my colleagues caused me to feel unappreciated.
My husband made me feel unsupported.

My kids caused me anxiety.

It wasn’t until I got to know myself and healed the relationship I had with myself, that my external relationships improved.

I studied myself and observed myself when I felt anger, frustrations, anxiety, fear, and overwhelm and what I did when I had these rush of emotions.

And this process of me getting to know myself and being conscious of how I was behaving gave me a whole lot of insight into other people and I was able to learn empathy and understanding for them, because their behavior started to make sense.
I saw myself and my old patterns in them and it made me have empathy and understanding and more compassion.

And from that place, I slowed down, I wasn’t so quick to react to what they did or didn’t do, and low and behold, my relationships improved. We had more connection, deeper conversations, and the ability to navigate difficult times became easier.

Now, I have the best relationships I’ve ever had in my life and more of them. I have more friends than ever before, and different types of friends from different backgrounds and cultures. I feel very rich in my relationships.

So, tune in this week and learn how improving the relationship with yourself will help you improve the relationships you have with other people.

It starts with you!

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