Ep. 161, Sharing That You Need Help

One hot question that keeps coming up is how to share with a loved one that you want to stop over-drinking and discussing what this means.. 

And how so much fear comes up and anxiety and worry about what that conversation might sound like. 

And this is a legit concern and I want you to know that it’s absolutely ok if you are having it and nothing is wrong with you for feeling this way. 

This episode, I cover why we have this fear and what we can do to overcome it and how it will help you share your desires to cut back. 

I touch on: 
-Partners/friends monitoring our drinking 

Don’t miss this one friends, I also re-tell the story of the first time I asked the Universe for something and how profound it was in my journey to stop over-drinking and start living!


Mentioned in this episode: We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life, by Laura McKowen. 


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