Ep. 160, Checking the Box

This podcast episode is on theme with the last week's podcast, Creating New Habits.

I discuss the importance of doing things that will help you create new habits, even if it feels like just going through the motions or 'checking the box.'

Checking the box might not seem like it's working, you might not be seeing real time results when you are going through the motions but it is building the act of following through on the things you said.

Even if this simple action like making a drink plan or food plan everyday, even if you don't follow it. Just by making the plan every single day, and setting your intention is helping you build the habit that you are working on. It's just the foundation.

I also share how it takes longer than we thought to create new habits and why this consistently in doing one little thing is helping you with your bigger goals.

Also, check out @NickWolny on Instagram. Nick is a business and marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs write quickly and well. He has a membership offer called Camp Wordsmith, but what he's saying right now about creating new systems and habits is on fire!


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