Ep. 156, If Only....

If only my partner wouldn't drink... 

If only I could get out of the house more.. 

If only I didn't live alone.. 

If only it wasn't the holidays.. 

If only my work wasn't so stressful... 

If only I had more accountability.. 

If only everyone would comply and do what I need them to do.. then I could drink less. 

Sound familiar? 

When you have these thoughts and allow them you are giving away your own power. 

This is self-abdicating.

Self abdicating is making other things, people, events responsible for what you do or don't do. 

You want to say NO to self-abdicating and say YES to self-advocating. 

Self-advocating is saying YES to you and your goals and supporting yourself in those efforts. 

Tune in so you can recognize if you have a case of 'If Only's' and how to turn that power back to you and change your relationship with alcohol.

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